Following on from last week’s blog regarding National Cohabitation Awareness Week Dodds solicitors have been very pleased to have been able to raise awareness of some of the difficult situations faced by cohabiting couples.

Dodds Solicitors have been able to provide leaflets prepared by Resolution to local estate agents and mortgage brokers to help highlight some of the issues which cohabiting couples may face. Resolution is a group run by family solicitors to campaign for a fairer system when families break up.

 We hope that by highlighting some of the pitfalls early on in the process it will give couples time to reflect and plan for the future in a way that will make it easier to resolve any financial matters arising out of a break up at future date.

It is likely that the number of cohabiting couples will continue to grow in the future and that more people will be affected by these issues. So we would urge all cohabiting couples to consider their legal situation and take steps to better protect themselves in the future. One way for couples to protect themselves is to draw up a cohabitation agreement when the start living together. 

For further advice regarding Cohabitation Agreements please contact either Sarah Spence at or on 01162628596 or Ashwin Topiwala at or on 01162628596


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