Thousands of couples in the Leicester and Leicestershire area could be at significant risk financially if their relationship breaks down. However it is possible for cohabitating couples to take action to protect their position.

Dodds Solicitors are backing a campaign to raise awareness about cohabitating couples which is being led by Resolution. Resolution is an organisation which assists family lawyers and campaigns for a fairer family justice system.

Resolution and Dodds solicitors are promoting National Cohabitation Awareness Week which aims to raise awareness about the lack of rights for unmarried couples who live together.

Cohabitation is the fastest growing family type in the country and over 7 million people in the UK have this type of relationship.

Many couples mistakenly believe that they acquire “common law rights” after living together for a certain amount of time or having children together.

The sad reality is that unmarried couples in the Leicester and Leicestershire area have very limited legal rights and responsibilities towards each other if the relationship breaks down.

Associate Solicitor Sarah Spence who deals with a lot of cohabiting couples says “I advise a lot of clients who have been affected by these issues and come across some difficult situations so I would urge all cohabiting couples to seriously consider putting in place arrangements such as a cohabitation agreement to protect both partners in the event of a separation. By setting out your intentions in such documents you will be in a much better situation should the unexpected happen”.

For further advice regarding Cohabitation Agreements please contact either Sarah Spence at or on 01162628596 or Ashwin Topiwala at or on 01162628596

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