Have you got engaged over Christmas or New Year? If so, many congratulations! What an exciting time for you! So you’re thinking about the venue, dress, flowers, photographers, the list is never ending isn’t it? But have you thought about what type of pre-nuptial agreement you should have? We know what you’re thinking, “we love each other, we don’t need to think about breaking up”! Whilst we know that it’s not fun to think about, it is a fact of life that sometimes things just don’t work out, in that event you need to decide who you want to decide how your matrimonial assets are divided, you and your partner now whilst you can sit down and amicably talk about these things or a judge when you are both arguing about it and can’t come to any agreement? We can help you discuss and agree on a suitable pre-nuptial agreement just in case things do go wrong. Think of this New Year Resolution as insurance, hopefully you’ll never need it, but in case you do, it’s there

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