We can assist you and challenge Football Banning Orders – Football Spectators Act 1989

Being a football supporter himself, our solicitor Sukhdev Bisla can appreciate that the thought of receiving a football banning order is a distressing prospect. The deterrent effect cannot be underestimated. We can advise you and challenge such applications.

If you are convicted of a certain type of offence, the court must impose a Football Banning Order in addition to any sentence for the offence if it is “satisfied that there are reasonable grounds to believe that making a banning order would help to prevent violence or disorder at or in connection with any regulated football matches”. We can assist you by challenging such applications in court.

Recent legislation, Section 192 of the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act 2022 amends this test such that where a person is convicted of a relevant offence, the court must impose a Football Banning Order, unless it “considers that there are particular circumstances relating to the offence or to the offender which would make it unjust in all the circumstances to do so”. This provision only applies to offences committed on or after the day appointed by regulations for it to come into force. We can assist you with regards to whether you are affected by this recent change in the law.

Should you require any advice or assistance regarding this area of law, please do not hesitate to contact the Dodds Crime Team on 01162628596 or crimeteam@dodds-solicitors.co.uk

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