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Last Thursday the Wills and Probate Team had a fantastic time at LOROS Hospice taking part in The Big Conversation. Of course, we spoke a lot about death, the importance of making a Will, end of life planning in the form of Advance Directives and Health and Welfare Lasting Powers of Attorney and practical next steps to consider and take after someone has died.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the events and was engaged, asking lots of questions which we enjoyed answering. Anyone who knows our Head of Wills and Probate Department, Samantha Downs, well, knows that the topic of Wills and Probate is a bit of a passion of hers and she can literally talk the hind leg off any animal you wish to mention. So to have people interested and asking her questions was all of her dreams come true! So on behalf of the rest of the Wills and Probate Team, thank you for everyone who came and kept her busy!

We also heard all about LOROS and the fantastic work they do from Reverend Andrew Martin, Spiritual Care Chaplain at the morning event and from Mandy Mitchell, Head of Day Care and Community Services at the evening event. It was good to hear about LOROS from people working within the Hospice who see the day to day workings. Most interesting was that a huge number of patients who stay at the hospice also leave there. In particular, we were touched by Reverend Martin’s story of a lady whose daughter was getting married and the lady was unable to attend the wedding. LOROS staff worked hard with the lady in the weeks leading up to the wedding and got her to a point whereby she was able to sit in a wheelchair and attend her daughter’s wedding. What a wonderful story!

We are taking part in the LOROS Make a Will Month this May which was also highlighted at the events and are very proud to do so. The idea of the Make a Will Month is that your straightforward Will is free of charge. We, as solicitors, make no charge to the client or LOROS for the straightforward Will we advise on and draft. Hopefully, but there is no obligation on the client to do so, the client will consider leaving something to LOROS either in their Will or a direct donation given that they have saved in legal fees. We saw from the events just how much these donations mean to LOROS and their patients and any small amount will help.

If you would like to take part in the LOROS Make a Will Month and make a straightforward Will for free, then contact either Samantha or George on 0116 2628596 to make an appointment.

For more information about LOROS and the fantastic work they do, please click here  or for more information about the LOROS Make a Will Month click here

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