Can you remember the nursery rhyme about Mary? Although reputed to refer to an increase in graveyards under the reign of Mary Tudor I was reminded of it this week when I was fortunate to attend RHS Chelsea – what a feast for the senses!

Although I am a very keen gardener and was thrilled to be in attendance at the event, being a property lawyer does make me look at the large show gardens in a different light to many visitors to the show.

How would you get the building materials and construction equipment into the back garden of many properties?

None of the large show gardens suffer from shade from the house itself on the plot or from adjoining properties; many fully extend to the boundary of the plot and often have hard landscaping on the boundaries themselves. Even setting aside the fantastic designs and wonderful plant combinations they are not a reflection of real life where we can often not say from looking at title deeds who owns boundaries, where covenants on the title might stipulate certain boundary treatments or where planning restrictions under Article 4 Directions might impact on design elements.

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