An increasing number of couples are slashing their wedding costs by marrying abroad in most cases this can take a lot of stress out of the big day however it is always as well to check all the formalities required in the country where you are intending to tie the knot.

Marriage abroad

Some countries have different rules if you have already been married previously and some require health forms and or blood tests. If you are booking the wedding with a tour operator you could check with them however the best way of checking the requirements of the country which you intend to get married in is to check with their embassy in the UK.

Unfortunately there have been some cases of the relevant requirements not being correctly followed which has had unfortunate consequences for couples who later separate. In such circumstances the couple would be treated as a cohabiting couple which would mean the normal provisions dealing with division of property and assets on divorce would not apply. For example if one of the partners owned a property and the other had not made any financial contribution to the property it would be much more difficult for the person whose name was not on the deeds to make a claim against such a property.

If the couple have had children then it may be possible for the partner who has the children living with them to make an application for financial relief for the benefit of the children to pursue an application under schedule 1 of the Children’s Act 1989 for financial relief.

If you are in this situation or require any advice regarding property ownership following separation from a partner please contact Sarah Spence on 01162628596 or at

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