At the present time, we do not have any vacancies, either for a Paralegal’s position or a Trainee Solicitor’s position.  

However, this firm does take paralegals on for a 12-month period as a fixed term contract.  The purpose is to enable Law Graduates to obtain some experience of work and also to provide assistance to the solicitors who work at the practice.

We currently have all the paralegals that we need for the current year and will be looking to appoint paralegals when the current contracts expire in May 2025.

We also have a summer placement or work experience scheme but currently we don’t have vacancies available. When we do get availability for such placement, it will be advertised on our website.

In the circumstances, if you are still interested may we suggest that you submit an application in March/April 2025 and we will consider you at that time.


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