I recently received a refund from a train company following a much delayed journey and a completely cancelled train forcing me to take a lengthy detour. The refund was approximately 25% of the cost of the journey. The government has brought in strict guidelines so that if your train is delayed significantly you will receive compensation.

By contrast in the Autumn Statement late last year the Chancellor George Osborne announced that the right to claim for “minor” whiplash injuries would be removed within the next two years although at this stage the exact level of compensation which will be classed as minor is not known. Such a “minor” injury might involve someone perhaps needing a few days off work losing earnings and having to go to the hospital their GP and physiotherapy sessions.

Although I might have been annoyed at being delayed I wasn’t forced to take time off work or needing to take painkillers because I was in pain. I think that being injured in an accident would definitely have been worse than simply having a train cancelled.

At the moment it is still possible to claim following an accident if you have recently been involved in a road traffic accident or any other type of accident and need advice please contact Sarah Spence on 01162628596 or at sarah.spence@dodds-solicitors.co.uk

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