The term “domestic abuse” is very often misunderstood, with many believing that only physical violence can amount to abuse. There will undoubtedly be victims who fail to see that they are being subjected to domestic abuse due to its various forms. In the absence of physical violence, abuse is sometimes hard to recognise.

This may be partly due to there being no statutory definition of domestic abuse, until now.

“As part of a landmark overhaul of the law, non-physical and economic abuse are to be included in the first legal definition of domestic abuse”. This will help to highlight the less obvious forms of domestic abuse, for example controlling a victim’s finances by having their wages paid into a perpetrator’s bank account.

Under Draft Laws, it is proposed that there will be greater protective measures for victims of domestic abuse which will make it easier for those coming forward and taking action.

Dodds Solicitors LLP are experts in Family Law and we help victims of domestic abuse in a range of legal matters. It may be that you wish to obtain a Non-Molestation Order (Injunction) against your ex-partner or a family member, require representation in proceedings relating to your children, or need advice in relation to divorce and finances.

We have contracts with the Legal Aid Agency, and as a victim of domestic violence you may be entitled to legal aid depending on your financial circumstances.

To speak to a family solicitor at Dodds Solicitors LLP please call us on 0116 262 8596 or send us an email at

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