Do you own a piece of land which is not registered? Have you lost your title deeds? Do not despair as help is at hand!


The title deeds that were sent to you at completion are used to provide proof of ownership and will be sent to the Land Registry when the property is due to be registered. However, title deeds sometimes get lost, but do not despair; it is still possible to register the property albeit with a little more complexity.


You will need to provide as much information as you can about the property and the title and tell the Land Registry how and why you no longer have the title deeds.


If the Land Registry decides that sufficient evidence has been provided in accordance with the above, it might register the property on that basis.


Here at Dodds we can assist with advice on how to make sure that the land is properly defined for the application, we can review any paperwork in your possession with a view to determining whether it might be relevant for registration purposes and prepare the paperwork which you need to submit to the Land Registry.


If you need some advice or further assistance on this issue, our conveyancing team will be happy to help on 0116 262 8596 or email us at and we can assist with getting the property registered.


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