Just because he retires it doesn’t mean he leaves his Dodds Family!

He will still be a part of our team but not as a partner but as a solicitor on a part time basis.

Mr Stephen Morgan Morris was admitted to the role of solicitors on the 1st April 1976 and is one of, if not the, most long-standing criminal defence solicitors in Leicester.  He joined Marron Dodds in January 1986, which then became Marron Dodds and Waite.  He initially worked in a number of areas of law before specialising in criminal law which he has remained committed to ever since, representing clients in routine to high profile cases.  He became the senior partner of the firm in 2005.

Within the firm, Mr Morris is a supervisor, supervising a number of areas of law and has an open door policy for all staff, offering continued support.  In addition to this, he has a number of pivotal roles and is the heart of the business. Mr Morris’ commitment to criminal legal aid work and to his clients has maintained and built on the reputation of the firm, now Dodds Solicitors LLP.

Mr Morris has a wealth of knowledge and experience, which has resulted in a high level of respect from both clients and his peers and indeed from all within the Criminal Justice System.  He is a pillar of the Magistrates’ Court and is a well known figure for both his dedication, knowledge and fairness, not just his colourful novelty ties!  His willingness to pass on his knowledge and assist other solicitors, in particular junior solicitors, not only those from Dodds Solicitors LLP, is routine.  His integrity is certain, which is why he has secured the trust of Court staff, cell staff, Probation, the Police and solicitors alike.  Most importantly, he has secured the respect of our clients, who frequently return and who refer others to him due to his knowledge, thoroughness, kindness and the willingness to go the extra mile.  Mr Morris has gone on to represent families through their generations.  He is often specifically requested by clients due to his shining qualities, as shown below:

Steve Morris was brilliant as always. I have used Dodds for years now because of the outcome he always gets and easy to talk to. I would recommend Dodds to anyone 100%
Excellent service Steve Morris goes the extra mile, top bloke. Thanks Steve.

Mr Morris was one of the few trusted lawyers who sat on panels to decide which solicitors merited the title of a duty solicitor and has therefore been instrumental in the careers of many. He is keen to support students in the local community having attended Leicester University himself and is one of the few solicitors to offer work experience.

Over the years, Mr Morris has seen many changes, not least technology.  It is no secret that this has, and continues to present the biggest challenge to his legal career!

Mr Morris offers unique support to all clients and his commitment to helping others is demonstrated by the fact that he deals with a large amount of cases on a pro bono basis, offering a port of call to all where legal aid is not available.

Overall, his years of commitment to criminal legal aid work, the Criminal Justice System and clients, along with his overwhelming kindness and heart of gold, should be recognised and celebrated as a shining example to the future generation of criminal lawyers.

We will be forever grateful for all his hard work and dedication to the Dodds solicitors.

Thank you Steve!!!

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