Last week the Law Gazette published an article within which it stated, based on recent surveys, last year 62% of people who made a Will used a solicitor, 9% a Will Writer and 9% wrote their Wills themselves using DIY kits and other high street providers.

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These results show that clearly the vast majority of people firmly believe that using the services of a Solicitor is the best and safest way to make your Will.

It is indeed correct that the best possible way in which to ensure your wishes are upheld following your death is to make a Will. It is an incredibly important document that, if not done correctly, could have disastrous consequences for the people left behind.

Instructing a solicitor to make your Will ensures that all of the legal requirements of making your Will are followed correctly and you receive professional advice. Solicitors can also advise on a range of other issues that may arise such as property, family law, trusts and tax. It is crucial that the wording of your Will states precisely what you want to happen when you die. If there is any doubt or the wording is unclear, this could result in the Will being challenged after your death.

Here at Dodds Solicitors LLP an individual can make a simple Will from as little as £144 (inclusive of VAT). For a couple, this could be done for £216 (inclusive of VAT). Furthermore, you only have to make your Will once in your life. There is no time limit on how long it remains valid for. For such an important document to instruct a professional to ensure your wishes are followed is certainly, we would suggest, money well spent.

For further information regarding the recent statistics please click on the link below:

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