The world of Wills is more interesting than you might think! Take a look at the following cases to see why: –

A Will must be “in writing” – The test is that the writing must be understandable. A gentleman left to his son “the sum of I.X.X.” This was a private code used by the gentleman in his jewellery business to mean sums of money. As it could be proven what the roman numerals meant, the Will was upheld.

On what must the Will be written? It is suggested that any surface may be used. A Will has been upheld that was made on a piece of cardboard during a snooker game. Even better, there is the case of a Will being written on an egg-shell, the mind ponders how much time and effort someone must have gone to have written clearly and legibly on an egg-shell! The Will in this case was held to be invalid because of lack of capacity not because it was written on an egg-shell. Apparently, valid Wills have been made on stable doors and tractors, although I wouldn’t like to be the person turning up to the Probate Office with a stable door tucked under her arm ready to submit the same to Probate!

Of course, there are many other interesting and unusual cases such as these and I do not advise you to add your Will to the list of interesting and unusual cases! If you would like your Will to be drafted in a more conventional manner (involving paper and ink!) then please contact Samantha Downs on 0116 2628596

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